Agent of the Week - Cary Embury

September 9th, 2020


I grew up on my family farm near Millwood in Clarke County then left to go "over the mountain" to Middleburg in 1970. After 15 years of running a business training and selling horses with my former husband, I returned to raise my family on land that has belonged to my ancestors since the early 1800s. 

I have found that this part of Virginia—rural, slow-paced, with close-knit communities and a good dose of sophistication—suits me. And I would like to share it through the real estate profession with others who have an appreciation for the same things.

One of the other advantages of living in a place for a long time is that you know everyone, old-timers and newcomers from all economic backgrounds. You know where everybody lives, you’ve traveled every backroad a million times, and you’ve ridden horses over everybody’s fields. It’s these connections with interesting people that I enjoy so much, and I like to be there to welcome new people into my world.

As the head of the Membership Committee at the Millwood Country Club—a classic little establishment with a long history—the first thing I tell new members is, “Don’t expect us to change anything, we like our low-key club the way it is.” In the real estate world, there’s not a lot we can do about change and progress, but we can ask our clients to respect the history and beauty of what they see here in Middleburg and Millwood and embrace it.