Why People Are Moving to the Country

February 17th, 2021



Over the past year, the world changed. The pandemic forced people around the world to drastically alter how they spent their everyday lives. It’s been about a year since lockdowns, quarantines and travel restrictions started, and we wanted to take a look at one of the most interesting trends that has arisen…the shift to country living.


Cities are crowded…and now dangerous

It became apparent that the virus spread quickly in crowds. Being in close quarters with other people, whether it was on public transportation, in restaurants, or even in apartment buildings, meant a greater chance of spreading or contracting the virus.


Lockdown in a city is not fun

Being confined to your home is hard, even if it is in a luxurious apartment, if it has limited outdoor space. Before the pandemic, communities in the city could gather in parks and playgrounds. But that soon became impossible.


Offices aren’t confined to buildings

Remote working became much more than a privileged benefit, it became the new normal. Companies are no longer limited by the building location and radius of a sensible commute when hiring. So, they can invest their money in people instead of real estate.


People need more space – both inside and out

More people working from home, children being schooled from home…that’s a lot of people in a single dwelling. People need home offices and home school spaces…in short, they need more space. So they’re moving out to the country to find it.


Will it continue?

When everything began about a year ago, there was no clear idea of how long it would take before everything returned to normal. But now it’s gotten clearer – things will never look the same. Even if we get back to a semblance of the lifestyles we had before, communities have been fundamentally changed. Especially companies that are no longer limited by location, so their employees are no longer confined by commutes. While we hope for the day we can again sit in movie theaters with friends or go to concerts, it seems clear that we will continue to need more space, both inside and out.


Thomas & Talbot understands the need for more space

Whether you need zoom rooms, work-from-home areas, or are looking for a bigger backyard where you can safely host family and friends, Thomas & Talbot can help you find the property that’s perfect for your new way of life. Contact us to learn more.